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Icebreakers for speed dating


Icebreakers are a great way for the teacher to get to know the students and for the students to get to know each other. It is important to keep things light on the first day Icebreakers for speed dating focus on communication. Below, you can find 5 icebreakers to be done Icebreakers for speed dating the first day of class with adult or teenage classes, levels pre-intermediate and above.

Hereyou can take a look at how to tweak some of these activities to make them truly communicative and student-centered. This Icebreakers for speed dating works a little bit like a speed-dating session, requires very little preparation from the teacher and ensures a lot of one-to-one talking time for each student.

It might be adapted for each level and group Icebreakers for speed dating, although it usually works best with bigger groups at least 6 students. Arrange students in two circles, an inside and outside, the inside facing out.

Each student should have a partner. Pairs talk about their answers to questions which you a put on the board and erase after each has been discussed b are printed on handouts for each student.

Students have 3 minutes to discuss each Icebreakers for speed dating. Once the time is up, you ask Icebreakers for speed dating students from the outside circle to move to their right, meet their new talking partner and answer the next question from the list.

You should have as many questions as students. The most important thing is to make the questions open-ended to give your students something to work with.

Alternatively, at the beginning of the class, you could ask your students to write one question they would like to ask a stranger use those instead of your own ideas. This icebreaker requires a little bit of preparation see below. It is also great in terms of student talking time and making students more comfortable speaking in front of their peers.

I have seen this game in action many times and it is incredible how quickly students strike up conversations when they have a visual prop to give them something to work with. It works best Icebreakers for speed dating bigger groups, levels intermediate and above. I have two sets of pictures I usually work with: Each set contains 12 different pictures, each picture has a number from 1 to 6 on the back you need to glue pictures and number and cut them up before class.

In case you have toner issues at work, you might always use pictures cut out from newspapers and magazines, just remember to put numbers on the other side of each. Give them a minute to think about it and then ask them to walk around the class and find the person who has the same number at the back of their picture.

Once they find their partner, they should introduce themselves briefly, and talk about their pictures answering the questions you have asked before.

Come to the rescue with...

What might seem like a monologue, usually naturally transforms into a conversation: What do you do? The topics are neutral enough in nature not to cause any controversy or immediate clashes of opinions.

Speed dating

Give your Icebreakers for speed dating 5 minutes to talk in pairs and then ask Icebreakers for speed dating 1 and Icebreakers for speed dating to get together you should get a group of 4. Same goes for 3 and 4, 5 and 6. Now, let students introduce their partners to new students:. This is Maria, she would like to travel to this destination because she has a stressful job and would like to relax, She works as a customer service Icebreakers for speed dating. I learned this game during my TEFL course and instantly regretted not knowing it earlier.

It is great in its simplicity, requires no preparation as such, allows students to Icebreakers for speed dating something about each other and the teacher, and offers a lot or speaking practice. It has been Icebreakers for speed dating useful with my Spanish-speaking students, who often struggle with question word order in English.

It works with groups and individual students. The reason why I like this game is that it does not put anybody on the spot during this first day. As a student, I used to hate it when the teachers asked me to tell the group something about myself.

Icebreakers for speed dating game allows students to learn some facts about each other without making anybody feel uncomfortable. I have also noticed how this game makes people more eager to share fun facts about themselves, and not just the basics family, job, pets. Put your name in the middle. In each of the smaller clouds the best number is write a word that somehow describes you: Now, it is time for your students to ask you questions in order to find out what each of the clouds means to you.

Once Icebreakers for speed dating have finished, ask them to tell you something they remember about you at this point. Now, give your students a couple of minutes to draw similar graphs about themselves in their notebooks. Ask them to try to remember as much about their partner as possible. After they had finished, elicit at least one piece of information about each student. This game is an absolute ESL classic and Icebreakers for speed dating find it particularly useful as Icebreakers for speed dating icebreaker.

I always play this game together with my students but at the same time I try to keep an ear out for grammar; once again question word order is crucial here.

The game below has been prepared with intermediate students in mind. Distribute one worksheet per student. They will need pens or pencils. Tell them they need to find other students Icebreakers for speed dating can answer YES to the questions. All this icebreaker requires is some imagination, a pen, and some paper. As a teacher, you go first. On the board, write 3 sentences about yourself. Two of them should be true, one should be a lie. They should ask me questions trying to catch me lying.

I usually make it a competition, with pairs or groups of students writing down 2 questions for each sentence and grilling me. It is then up to them to decide in which case I was lying. I usually try Icebreakers for speed dating maintain my poker face and give reasonable answers. After the quizzing, I give my students a minute to decide among themselves which Icebreakers for speed dating they think was a lie, and the winner gets some candy yes, my adult students are absolutely over the moon with some candy on the first day, teenagers Icebreakers for speed dating harder to please when it comes to the choice of treats….

Here are some examples of questions students could ask me in order to discover the truth: Once the students expose your lie, it is time for them to play the same game among themselves. The Cloud Game turned out to be a really powerful tool and it is also so much fun! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Brazil is definitely on my list of places to visit! Icebreakers for speed dating definetely use Icebreakers for speed dating in my classes which start this Monday!

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Your email address will not be published. Concentric circles conversations This icebreaker works a little bit like a speed-dating session, requires very little preparation from the teacher and ensures a lot of Icebreakers for speed dating talking time for each student. Here are some examples I came up with for my intermediate group of 8: Describe your perfect holidays.

What is the last film you saw? Icebreakers for speed dating you recommend it? What do you usually do in your free time? Icebreakers for speed dating is your best childhood memory? Are you more sociable or shy?

Is there anything new you would like to try? Have you visited any nice restaurants or bars lately? Would you be interested in traveling into space? Now, let students introduce their partners to new students: Draw a graph on the board. It should look something like this: Is blue your favourite Icebreakers for speed dating Are you from Brazil?

Three fun, fast, informal team...

Icebreakers for speed dating you ever been to Brazil? Would you like to travel to Brazil? In my case here is what each cloud stands for: Have you got a pet? Were you born in June? What day were you born on? At the end of the activity, ask students to provide information about each other: Icebreakers for speed dating, who was born in June?

Who Icebreakers for speed dating a pet? What pet is it? Here is what my sentences usually look like: I won several Icebreakers for speed dating competitions when I was a child.


I have lived in 6 different countries. How many competitions did you win? How old were you? What style did you use to swim?

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Icebreakers are a great more for the teacher to get to know the students and for the students to get to know each other. It is front-page to save things upon on the first era and zero in on communication.

Below, you can determine to be 5 icebreakers to be done on the in front day of class with adult or teenage classes, levels pre-intermediate and overhead.

Here Explicit, you can take a look at how to tweak some of these activities to make them truly communicative and student-centered. This icebreaker works a little suggestion like a speed-dating seating, requires barest little preparation from the teacher and ensures a lot of one-to-one talking time for the sake each devotee.

It authority be adapted for each level and group hugeness, although it usually works best with bigger messs at least 6 students. Arrange students in two circles, an inside and outside, the inside cladding out.

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  • 5 Icebreakers for the first day of class
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Icebreakers for speed dating


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100+ Speed Dating Questions to Get to Know Someone


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What makes men want to commit? This icebreaker works a little bit like a speed-dating session, requires very little preparation from the teacher and ensures a lot of one-to-one. Three fun, fast, informal team building ice breakers anyone can commit to memory. What’s the relationship to speed-dating? Speed-dating is a fun and efficient way for a group of people to rapidly interact with each other..

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Icebreakers for speed dating

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How to spice up your meeting

  • Come to the rescue with these corporate icebreakers and networking Speed- networking: Like speed-dating, pair participants up for just This icebreaker works a little bit like a speed-dating session, requires very little preparation from the teacher and ensures a lot of one-to-one.
  • Here are some speed dating questions that will keep dates interesting! Icebreaker questions are designed to poke around about certain.
  • This speed meeting ice breaker connects people via movement,.You might even want to think about the activity as corporate speed came to pass, when.
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  • Speed dating: How to spice up your meeting

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