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In the mood for love wong kar wai online dating


In the Mood for Love was released when I was living In the mood for love wong kar wai online dating Hong Kong, albeit a very different city to that of the film's setting. Sadly, that's where my resemblance to his almost absurdly handsome, mournfully dapper character begins and ends. I find this bizarre.

I can't think of a more moving, or more cleverly-told film, one which uses the whole lexicon of cinema so effectively.

Directed by Kar-Wai Wong. Kar-Wai...

The camera lurks in doorways, down passageways, through windows, almost spying on In the mood for love wong kar wai online dating and Su Li-zhen Cheung as they seek solace with each other amid the paradoxical loneliness of a crowded city. Wong also uses music to brilliant effect, most obviously Yumeji's Themethe recurring, mournful cello refrain which follows the couple around the rainy streets. Never has popping out to get some noodles seemed more glamorous, or more sad.

Elsewhere, Nat King Cole's familiar tones become mysterious, almost mocking, as he croons "Quizas, quizas, quizas" "Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps" at them in Spanish. Deliberately limited in scope, the plot, supposedly In the mood for love wong kar wai online dating out over a year of part-improvised filming, is hugely clever, not least for what it leaves out. We never see the cheating spouses, just feel their impact.

The few other characters — mahjong-mad landlady Mrs Suen, Chow's buffoonish friend Ah Ping, and Su's philandering boss, feel abrasively coarse against the lead pair's quiet grace. Chow and Su's relationship, in particular, is wonderfully ambiguous.

In the Mood for Love...

Do they simply choose not to take the relationship further "We will never be like them," Su's character says, bitterly, of their spousesor are they both waiting for In the mood for love wong kar wai online dating other to act?

For all the heartbreaking decisions and coincidences which, ultimately, keep them apart, could their romance even have thrived outside the counterpoint of their shared betrayal? In lesser hands, the finalewhere Chow whispers his unheard regrets and feelings into a stone hollow at Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple complex, before sealing them inside with mud, could be absurd, melodramatic.

Wong makes it heartbreaking. In the Mood for Love is so good that it's baffling how hapless Wong has seemed since. The half-follow-up,was similarly lustrous but terribly thin.

Here's hoping his next film, bringing In the mood for love wong kar wai online dating Leungis a return to form. Topics Wong Kar-Wai My favourite film. Romance films In the Mood for Love blogposts. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

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