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Girl of my dreams in spanish


Please help me chat up the girl of my dreams!

Hi So I really like a girl at my uni. She's on in her 3rd year studying Spanish.

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Any way, I'm going to a party that she Girl of my dreams in spanish be at this weekend and would like to just bust out a few lines in spanish when she tells me thats what she does.

If any of you could translate this for me then it would be great! Yeh I speak a little bit. I like the way your eyes sparkle. I've got lots of hidden talents, maybe we should grab another drink and discuss the rest?

Si bueno hablo un poquito. Me gusta el brillo de tus ojos. Tengo muchos talentos escondidos, porque no nos tomamos un traguito y discutimos el resto??

En mis sueños

Cheesy is an understatement haha noo just kidding. Now tell me how you're going to go about the pronunciation of all that???

Last edited by Cotty; at Reminds me of a time, 25 years Girl of my dreams in spanish, when my husband and I visited Girl of my dreams in spanish. I didn't know a word of Spanish but didn't want to be "an ugly American" so I worked hard to figure out how to order a beer in a bottle, not a glass. The waiter came to the beach and I rattled Girl of my dreams in spanish my well-rehearsed request I agree with you.

you are my dream girl"...

Oli needs a plan B and probably C too. Randy Pausch Last Lecture: All times are GMT The time now is Copyright - English Spanish Translator.

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