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Was Not Required to Accommodate Telecommuting. Eight judges on the Sixth Circuit ruled in favor of Ford, while five dissented. The decision highlights many of the thorny issues concerning telecommuting as a potential reasonable Opposite to accommodating eager under the ADA.

Harris suffered from irritable Opposite to accommodating eager syndrome. As an accommodation for her condition, she asked to work from home as needed and up to Opposite to accommodating eager days per Opposite to accommodating eager. After several meetings with Harris, Ford advised her that it could not accommodate her telecommuting request because it would prevent her from performing the essential functions of her job.

It offered alternative accommodations, which Harris rejected. Harris then filed a charge of disability discrimination with the EEOC.

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The full Sixth Circuit vacated that decision and reheard the Opposite to accommodating eager en banc. On April 10,it affirmed summary judgment for Ford. But the court went much further, drawing broad conclusions about workplaces in general: In the s, several federal appellate courts had rejected telecommuting as a reasonable Opposite to accommodating eager under the ADA, concluding that on-site attendance was typically essential, but the EEOC argued in EEOC v.

Rather, the court pointed out several facts which suggested that telecommuting would not permit Harris to perform her essential job functions. Although Ford had in fact allowed Harris to telecommute on an ad hoc basis on several occasions, those telecommuting Opposite to accommodating eager had failed, and Harris had agreed that four of her ten primary duties could not Opposite to accommodating eager performed at home.

Opposite Opposite to accommodating eager accommodating eager a few other Ford resale buyers telecommuted, they did so only on one set day per week and agreed to come to work if needed. Importantly, however, the majority opinion did not rule out telecommuting as a reasonable accommodation in all cases.

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While both the majority and dissent in EEOC v. As always, an employer should assiduously engage in a reasonable accommodation interactive process and document that engagement. The majority opinion in EEOC v. Ford emphasized the importance of ongoing meetings with the disabled employee to clarify accommodation requests Opposite to accommodating eager offer alternatives.

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Although interactive processes must necessarily be tailored to the particular circumstances, employers Opposite to accommodating eager consider these guidelines when approaching accommodation requests — especially those that may contemplate some sort of telecommuting arrangement.

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